To: General Agents in New York  
  From: Charles Mankamyer - President of General Agents
Jim Savo - FLMI, Vice President of Operations, General Manager
  Re: New Preliminary Information Form Required With Final Expense and Juvenile Whole Life Applications  
  Effective immediately, Preliminary Information Forms GNY-Prelim and GNY-PrelimGD are required when completing Final Expense Whole Life applications GNYL14 (Policy Forms GNYSWL and GNYWLGD) and Juvenile Whole Life applications GNYJUV14 (Policy form GNYSWL).
  • GNY-Prelim is required with Final Expense and Juvenile Whole Life applications GNYL14 and GNYJUV14.
  • GNY-PrelimGD is required with all graded life applications GNYL14.
  These new forms are to be completed by the Agent during the application process and left with the Applicant. Rate Calculators have been updated and can be used to assist in completing these forms. Simply select the insured’s age, face amount, etc. from the drop down selections under ‘Description’ and the information you need for the GNY-Prelim and GNY-PrelimGD will be calculated for you.  
  Preliminary Information Forms and updated Rate Calculators are available for download on the NY Compliance Sheet. The new forms will also be added to Final Expense App Pack GNY3176(31) and Juvenile Whole Life App Pack GNY3178(31) in the coming weeks. Please begin using GNY-Prelim and GNY-PrelimGD immediately.  
Please contact the Home Office in Syracuse at 315-451-7975
or email with any questions.

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Sent by Aurea on behalf of Globe Life Insurance Company of New York.