To: General Agents
From: Charles Mankamyer, President of General Agents
Jim Savo - FLMI, Vice President of Operations, General Manager
Re: Change to Plan HDF/F+ Deductible for 2018 - Corrected Memo
The 2018 calendar year deductible for Medicare Supplement insurance Plan HDF/F+ will be $2,240, an increase of $40 from the 2017 deductible of $2,200.
This deductible is updated annually based on a formula found in federal law. Since Plan HDF/F+ was introduced, the average yearly increase has been approximately $34. See chart below for details.
Contrast these amounts with Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, which in 2018 have a maximum out of pocket limit of $6,700. The average MA plan’s limit in 2017 was $5,219*.
Medicare Supplement insurance Plan HDF/F+ may be a suitable option for your customer’s needs**. United American offers 10 of the 11 standardized Medicare Supplement insurance plans nationwide. Always review your prospect’s individual coverage needs, including the values, benefits, and costs of the coverage, to determine which plans may be appropriate***.
*Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, October, 2017.
**Some additional out-of-pocket costs may still be incurred.
***Plan availability varies by state. Check your state compliance sheets to verify available plan options.
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