To: All General Agents  
  From: Charles Mankamyer, President of General Agents
Jim Savo - FLMI, Vice President of Operations, General Manager
  Re: New Senior Lead Program  
  Don’t miss out on the new Senior Lead program collaboration with USADATA to bring you a higher quality 64+ Senior lead list – at no cost to you! Enroll in this program during by March 30, to receive a lead list of 100 prospects each month for the next three months!  
  Submit and have issued at least two pieces of commissionable business* within 90 days of receiving your lead lists, and your subscription will continue. As long as you continue to submit and have issued at least two pieces of commissionable business every 90 days, you’ll have access to this endless stream of leads!
USADATA Guarantees:
  • Each lead list is exclusive to you for two months – no competing with your fellow UA Agents for the same prospects
  • Phone Numbers are pre-scrubbed through the Do Not Call List
  • 90 percent accuracy on phone numbers**
  • 95 percent accuracy on addresses
  • 98 percent accuracy on living status
  Your lead lists will consist of 100 prospects turning age 65 whenever possible. However, due to USADATA’s guarantee of exclusivity, if demand is high in your area and there are not enough unique Turning 65 leads available, USADATA will fill the balance of your list with ‘Senior leads,’ individuals from 65-69 years of age.  
Open Sign-up Period Ends March 30.
Click Here to Enroll in the Senior Lead Program (
  After enrolling, a link to access your first lead list online will be delivered via email from USADATA in early April.  
  To ensure that none of our Agents miss out on this terrific offer, USADATA will assist us in promoting our open sign up March 5-30. Please note: you only need to enroll once!  
  Agents who miss the open sign up window can get in on the program when they submit and have issued at least two commissionable pieces of business within a 90 day period.  
  Agents already receiving our monthly Turning 65 leads will be transitioned into the new system automatically.  
  * Excludes Life Insurance sales in New York.
** Phone numbers not available in OH.
  If you have any questions on the Senior Lead program, please contact For product or sales training questions, contact  
United American Insurance Company Agents who have questions can contact Agency Service at 1-800-925-7355 or email

Globe Life Insurance Company of New York Agents who have questions can contact the Home Office in Syracuse at 315-451-7975 or email

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Sent by Aurea on behalf of United American Insurance Company and Globe Life Insurance Company of New York.