To: All General Agents  
  From: Charles Mankamyer, President of General Agents
Jim Savo - FLMI, Vice President of Operations, General Manager
  Re: Plan Ahead for the AEP  
  It’s never too early to start thinking about your marketing strategy for the Annual Election Period (AEP). Don’t wait until the last minute! United American Insurance Company and Globe Life Insurance Company of New York provide a list of approved vendors who can help you set the stage for a successful AEP.  
  Here are some marketing insights and a special offer from one of our vendors, ARM Leads:  
  Getting a head start on your strategy is essential for a successful season. To put this in perspective, ARM Leads gathered years of data to provide a breakdown of mail time and expected return:  
Mail Month Average Returns
August 2.5 - 3 %
September 1.5 - 2 %
October 1 %
  Percentages based on ARM Leads company statistics.  
  Here’s what else we’ve learned over 26 years in the marketing industry:
  • Mailing in August can lead to the best return for AEP.
  • We suggest mailing twice; once at the beginning, and once in the middle of the AEP time frame.
  • ARM Leads sees a higher response rate with generic mailers vs. branded mailers.
  We encourage you to contact us today to develop a marketing plan that’s right for you and your Agency’s goals. United American and Globe Life of NY Agents receive a 10% discount for great savings any time of year!  
  To discuss your options with ARM Leads, contact:  
  Alexa Awe, Account Manager  
  ARM Leads  
  1011 Surrey Ln Bldg. 100 Ste. 104, Flower Mound, TX 75022  
  Ph.: 800.992.2722 | Fax: 972.420.1900 |  
  There are so many ways to get a head start- don’t put it off any longer! You can download a copy of the current approved vendor list here.  

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