To: All General Agents  
  From: Charles Mankamyer, President of General Agents
Jim Savo - FLMI, Vice President of Operations, General Manager
  Re: MA Plan Terminations Affecting More Than 105,000 Members  
  Based on data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), several Medicare Advantage (MA) carriers across the US are terminating Medicare Advantage plans at the end of 2018. Our actuaries have projected that more than 105,000 MA members will lose their MA coverage at the end of the year. (Click here to view a list of affected States.)  
  Seniors affected by the terminations have the option to choose another MA Plan or switch to Original Medicare and choose a Medicare supplement insurance policy for their 2019 coverage. For Seniors who are losing their coverage, this is a great time to educate them on the advantages of Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement insurance policy.  
  United American/Globe Life of New York offers Medicare Supplement insurance policies Guaranteed Issue to Seniors canceled from their Medicare Advantage Plan. UA/GLNY policies are guaranteed renewable* for life, and there are no provider networks to contend with.  
  Remind all applicants to retain any disenrollment or termination notices received from their MA plan and keep in a safe place. A copy of the applicant’s MA plan disenrollment notice is required for applicants being involuntarily terminated or non-renewed by their MA plan.  
  *As long as premiums are current  

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