To: General Agents  
  From: Charles Mankamyer, President of General Agents
Jim Savo - FLMI, Vice President of Operations, General Manager
  Re: Clarification re: Medicare Supplement 90 Day vs 6 Month Underwriting Rule  
  United American allows Agents to write Medicare Supplement insurance policies up to six months (180 days) in advance of the Medicare Part B effective date for first-time Medicare Supplement applicants age 64½ or older (except in NY and WI – see below). This six month advance window applies only to those applying for a Medicare Supplement during their Open Enrollment.  
  The purpose of the six month advance window for prospects turning 65 is to help you be “first in the door” to offer value and service to applicants aging in to Medicare, and to establish what will hopefully be a long term relationship as their insurance agent.  
  There are three exceptions to the advance rule for Open Enrollment:
  1. In NY and WI, 3 months (90 days) in advance is the maximum time frame.
  2. Current UA Medicare Supplement under age- 65 disability policyholders may apply for an overage Medicare Supplement policy up to 60 days in advance of their 65th birthday.
  3. In states with disability Open Enrollment, 60 days in advance is the maximum time frame for under age-65 disability applicants applying during their Open Enrollment period.
  For all other underwriting situations outside of Open Enrollment, the maximum allowable time frame to write a Medicare Supplement insurance policy is 90 days in advance of the effective date.  
  When submitting Medicare Supplement insurance applications, be sure to abide by the correct advance time-period for that applicant’s situation. Applications submitted with incorrect application dates risk being declined.  

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